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Tentacle Stamp by She-Shark Tentacle Stamp by She-Shark
EDIT March 1st 2016=> Decided to turn off comments since I am not really checking on here anymore and am too lazy to hide every single comment that is disrespecting my wishes to keep the comment section clean.
<sEDIT: I do really appreciate all the support and love this stamp gets!
But please don't post it in a context that implies them being sexual - this is not the reason and/or purpose I made this stamp for.
 If you need sexualized tentacles, you are just a few google results away.
 Thanks for understanding.
Edit2: I WILL hide comments that are basicly "LOL HENTAI" - redirect yourself to the masses of other stamps regarding this topic. Keep the comments free from this stuff please.

What should I say here, haha.

I really love tentacles, but people oversexualize them sadly.

I like them in a non hentai or sexual way, because they are so wibbly wobbly and slimey and so flexible.

And so I just decided to create this stamp.

It's free to use for every tentacle fan out there.°


Feel free to visit my Stamp and Avatar folder for more stuff!


Amazing base can be found here.

Animation was done by me


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May 27, 2013
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